Volunteers are always welcome at Gems of Hope Inc. There are many ways family, friends, cancer patients, cancer survivors and neighbors can get involved.

We have monthly beading sessions to create earrings, bookmarks, and card-making sessions to create the cards that the earrings and serenity circles are attached to. Click on the "Workshops" link to find locations and times.

Our office number is 319-393-9681 or contact us using the "Contact Us" link at the top.


Gifts of Hope
The 2nd and 3rd Tuesdays and 3rd Thursday of the month are set workshop times. Facilitators needed to set up kits, facilitate and greet other volunteers for beading, bookmarks, and card making.

Experienced beaders to twist/finish earrings made through the workshops

Attach circles/earrings/bookmarks to finished cards, label, heat-seal in plastic sleeve.  Make buttons for Cancer Really Sucks & Gems of Hope

Distribution Medical Offices
(Hall Perrine Cancer Center, Physician's Clinic of Iowa Hematology & Oncology, Hall Radiation, Helen G. Nassif Community Cancer Center, The Ghosh Center, Cancer floors at both hospitals, Mercy Women’s Center.) all are refreshed each month with new cards for their baskets.  Need Gems of Hope rep to visit each month and supply.

Retail Distribution
Same as above to area businesses carrying our cards & encourage to find outlying boutiques in which to sell the cards.
Auxiliary Programs

What About Us? Youth Program
Administrator   Circulate news of the program, co-ordinate with social workers for supplies needed.  Welcome children and parents the day of the camp.

Cancer Really Sucks Teen Web site
Work with teens in coordinating activities, live chats, monitoring and updating the website.

Special Events
Facilitate Gems of Hope display tables at special events, health fairs, etc.  Entails set up/take down/volunteer coordination

Be willing to speak & present Gems of Hope video to civic organizations
Pages for Hope Libraries
Review new books and help to identify new schools for this program.
Periodic (approx. 3x year) one- 2 sided newsletter of Gems of Hope activities.  This will be distributed with the Medical/Retail chairs. Computer skills preferred.

Office Staff Help
Answer phones, light computer work, mailings, general office work
Fund Raising
Help with our two major fundraisers: Hope Blooms daffodil campaign and/or the Gems of Hope Golf Classic.  Help with the Annual letter campaign.  Be the contact person for businesses to partner for funding.
Grant writing
Writing grants for the benefit of Gems of Hope.  Research grant opportunities for programming & materials
Technology experience preferred for both computer programs & website maintenance
Design brochures, posters, billboards etc.  Look for ways to make Gems of Hope visible in the community
Financial/accounting background desired but not mandatory. On job training!
Recruit volunteers for Gems of Hope.  We have teams that participate in Relay for Life and Especially for You.  Contact us if you want to be involved!